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Once you've expressed interest in our services, our first step is to gather the information necessary to produce a quote. We ask you to complete an event application and will conduct a 30-minute consultation to determine if we are a good fit for your event. You will receive recommendations for the best packages or services that fit your needs. And if you are satisfied with these options, we will build a proposal for you to review & approve.



Once you've approved your new event budget, we will design a high-level mood board for your event. This presentation will give you an apercu of the color palette and the event look & feel. Depending on your needs, we may provide ideas for stationery, the perfect venue, signature gowns/outfits, and the ultimate event program. Once you've made the deposit, we build our recommendations into a comprehensive plan.


We carefully select the most appropriate vendors for your event at this stage. Our partners have unique signature styles that we try to pair with clients who share similar visions & styles. Then we build the production timeline of all the products, pre-event, and post-event activities. We identify the perfect logistic scenario and anticipate any issues, delays, and challenges. Then we communicate this timeline to our partners and ensure everyone can deliver accordingly.

The coordination stage overlaps with the planning phase. It starts as soon as we identify a task that needs to be accomplished and delegate that task. There may be 100 or 1000 tasks to complete. So we collaborate internally within our team and externally with partners and clients to ensure the completion of every activity. We build strong relationships and communicate regularly with partners and clients to gain discounts and tie up loose ends. 

As seasoned event designers, we do our best to prevent issues and challenges. We partner with highly-rated vendors, select reputable venues, and hire talented employees. However, some events can produce negative surprises, so we always have a contingency plan. This plan includes an additional budget to cushion any pitfalls, more lead time to mitigate delays, and backup resources to replace no-shows. We even hold event insurance to protect ourselves and our clients.

Design Phase
Plan Phase
Coordinat Phase
Control Phase
Consult Phase

If you think we are the right team to plan and or decorate your next event, fill out our event form by clicking the button below.

Not much of a "form person", then give us a call at (301) 818 - 4583 .

We'll take your information to get things in motions; and will match you with the best event designer.

Thanks for checking us out, we look forward to working with you! 

Ready to plan your next event?

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