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Fees covers 80 hours of Services. Additional hours can be added to this package at $45 per hour. These hours will be billed as needed.

This package includes:

  • Budget creation and management
  • Event theme/ design and style creation
  • Vendor and venue selection
  • Equipment procurement
  • Guest communication
  • Vendor communication
  • Site visit and coordination
  • Scheduling and timeline planning
  • Event decor design and layout
  • Selection of customized items
  • Accommodations or other arrangements for guests
  • Invitation creation/ printing RSVP tracking.
  • equipment and furniture rental management
  • Website creation and management
  • Vendor referrals
  • Security management
  • Day of event Coordination (See package for details)
  • Stationary management
  • Logistics management (if needed)


***IMPORTANT: Booking fee is the 40%. The total cost of this offer is $3500, which can be paid in one lumpsum or in three payments of $1440, $1560 and $500.00. ****



Contract payment is refundable up to 90% minus total hours worked. If the event planner hasn't used any time credits for the project, it will be refunded to the clients, minus 10%. The 10% is the cancellation fee.

Partial Event Planner

  • Planning, Management & Execution of an event starts at $1,499. This specific package provides 80 hours of labor and is priced at $2,500. The fees for transportating, lodging and travel are not listed. The price listed above is the 10% booking fee.

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