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This package is for the busy entrepeneur who doesn't time to oversee the details of the event. Just tell us your vision and we will do the rest. We will supervise and coordinate all aspects of your event from conception to execution. We will meet monthly to report on the proguess of the event, and receive approval of every major milestone. The pricing is set for a 135 hours in 3-10 months contract.


This price includes designing the event decor, selecting vendors, overseeing operations, directing staff and coordinating technical and production aspects. Securing venues and equipment as well as managing the budgets.


For larger parties or special projects, call for pricing.


Services include:

  • Event Planning for 110 hours in 3-10 months
  • Event Management
  • Event Decor
  • Event Design
  • Program Design
  • Venue Selection
  • Vendor Proposal and Selection
  • Staff and Talent Management
  • Important to note: Booking fee is 30%. The total cost of this offer is $5,999, which can be paid in one lumpsum or in multiple payment. A invoice will be sent periodically until the project is complete.

Full Service Event Producer

  • Full Service Event Planner - Research, Design, Planning, Develoment & Execution at $5,999 USD

  • Contract is refundable up to 90% if request is submitted 8 months prior to the event and no work has been done.


    Contract is refundable up to 50% if request is submitted 5 months from the event, depending on subcontractor aggreements.


    Contract is refundable up to 20% if request is made 2 months from the event, depending on subcontractor aggreements.

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